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babyLance Safety Heelstick

Designed by neonatal nurses for neonatal nurses!
babyLance™ safety heelsticks have earned worldwide popularity for their smooth and accurate incisions, ease of use, and safety.

Ease of Use

Featuring an easy-to-activate trigger, babyLance’s unique housing provides visual guides for accuracy and dimples for a secure grip.

“They are gentle on the babies feet, and provide excellent specimens. I love that once you stick the babies foot there is no loud click which in old products always startled the babies and made them jump and cry harder. These lancets make no sound and after the baby is stuck they act like there is minimal discomfort. They are easy to use and [less] the cost of previous products we have used for the last 16 years.

Very pleased, this a great product that meets all of our standards.”

Leasha Christian, Mountain View Pediatrics

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bayLance cut image

Ultra-Smooth Incisions Minimize Trauma

babyLance’s proprietary internal spring activates its blade’s swift pendulum action—delivering an ultra smooth incision that complies with CLSI NBS01-A6 guidelines to reduce trauma to an infant’s delicate subcutaneous tissues.

The gently arcing incision (white dotted line) is measured by the length (green horizontal line) and the maximum depth (blue vertical line).


Single-use and auto-retraction design practically eliminates cross-contamination and accidental needle stick injuries—before or after use.

babyLance heel stick

Infant Heelstick Incision Profile Comparison Guide

babyLance heelstick cut profile

babyLance Safety Heelstick

The babyLance cut profile illustrates a gently arcing incision that lacks a blunt puncture mark or inconsistent, jagged cut.

BD quikheel cut profile

BD Quikheel1

The BD Quikheel cut profile illustrates an incision with an initial blunt puncture followed by a slicing action.

Cardinal Gentleheel cut profile

Cardinal Health gentleheel2

The Cardinal Health gentleheel profile illustrates an incision with an angular initial puncture, followed by an increasingly deep arc.

ITC Tenderheel cut profile

ITC Tenderfoot®3

The ITC Tenderfoot cut profile illustrates an incision with a plunging, multi-angled puncture and a jagged, lopsided “W” pattern.

1 Trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company 2 Trademark of Cardinal Health, Inc. 3 Trademark of International Technidyne Company

babyLance™ Safety Heelstick Instructions for Use

babyLance™ Safety Heelstick Instructions for Use


Twist off Trigger Lock. Do not pull back the Trigger until ready for use. For your safety and to maintain sterility, do not place your hand or fingers over the Blade Slot at any time.


Select an incision site on the lateral aspects of the heel, taking care to avoid the calcaneus. Clean the incision area of the heel with an antiseptic wipe. Allow the skin to air dry.


Position the blade slot against the heel with the trigger facing away from the user. Pull back the trigger with the index finger.


Wipe away the first droplet of blood. Collect the desired quantity of blood. Dispose of used babyLance in an appropriate refuse or sharps container.

babyLance Benutzerhandbuch

Die Punktionsstelle an der flachen Unterseite der Ferse auswählen.


Die Drücker Sperrvorrichtung des Gerätes abnehmen, dabei falls notwendig, sanft vor und zurück biegen. Ziehen Sie nicht wieder den Auslöser bis zur Verwendung.


Positionieren Sie den Blade-Steckplatz gegen die Ferse mit dem Trigger adgewandten Benutzer. Ziehen Sie den Auslöser mit dem Zeigefinger zurück. Gerät entfernen und entsorgen.


Die ersten Tropfen Blut sanft mit einem trockenen sterilen Gazetupfer abwischen Die vorgesehene Blutmenge mit einer Pipette aufnehmen.

babyLance Guía de usario

Seleccione el punto de incisión en el lateral de la superficie plantar y limpie la zona.


Retire el seguro, pero no tire del disparador hasta el momento de uso.


Sitúe la ranura de la cuchilla, indicada con una flecha, en el punto de incisión y tire del disparador hacia atrás con el dedo índice. Deseche el dispositivo.


Limpie suavemente con un paño la primera gotita de sangre; después recoja la cantidad de sangre requerida. ¡Y ya está!

babyLance Protocole D’Utilisation

Choisissez une zone d’incision sur la surface plane du talon.


Retirez le cran de sécurité, situé sur le côté de la lancette en le pliant doucement d’avant en arrière si nécessaire. Ne pas tirer sur la gâchette jusqu’à ce que le système soit appliqué sur le talon.


Placer l’encoche de la lame contre le talon, la gâchette d’activation étant en direction opposée à l’utilisateur. Tirer la gâchette avec l’index. Retirer le dispositif et jetez le.


Essuyez doucement les premières gouttelettes de sang avec un coton sec et stérile. Recueillez la quantité de sang désirée.

babyLance istruzioni per l’uso

Selezionare una sede di un’incisione sulla superficie piana del fondo del tallone, quindi pulire la zona.


Rimuovere la sicura del grilletto, ma non tirare indietro il grilletto fino al momento dell’uso.


Allineare la slot lama visivo che segna il sito di incisione e premere il grilletto posteriore con il dito indice. Scartare.


Pulire delicatamente la prima goccia di sangue, poi raccogliere la quantità desiderata. Questo è tutto!

babyLance Instruções de utilização

Posicione a ranhura da lâmina contra o calcanhar, afastando o gatilho do utilizador. Pressione o gatilho para trás com o dedo indicador.


Limpe a primeira gotícula de sangue. Recolha a quantidade de sangue desejada.


Allineare la slot lama visivo che segna il sito di incisione e premere il grilletto posteriore con il dito indice. Scartare.


Pulire delicatamente la prima goccia di sangue, poi raccogliere la quantità desiderata. Questo è tutto!

Product Literature

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babyLance™ Colors Product Code Incision Depth Suggested Indications
BABYLANCE-BLM-Rev.0-500px-72dpi-RGB Micropreemie Yellow/Green BLM 0.60 mm Less than 1000 grams
BABYLANCE-BLP-Rev.1-500px-72dpi-RGB Preemie Pink/White BLP 0.85 mm

1000–2500 grams

Low birth weight

BABYLANCE-BLN-Rev.1-500px-72dpi-RGB Newborn Blue/Green BLN 1.00 mm

2500 grams–9 kilograms

Birth–six months

† These are suggested indications; the medical staff’s clinical judgement should determine which babyLance™ model to use. 

U.S. Patent 8,715,307